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Hal Buckner (b. 1938, Whidbey Island, WA) is an innovative and versatile artist who is trained in both sculpture and painting. His current studio work is rooted in line drawing fundamentals and the female figure. The influence of water in the artist’s life and culture is reflected in a good deal of his work. It is most evident in the sensual “hammock” and “beach” series characterized by sun loving nudes in tranquil repose.

The sculptured silhouettes combine elements of contour and outline with the final product (cut from a single light weight aluminum sheet) emerging as a minimally rendered silhouette that implies solidity of form. Life-sized in scale, the surfaces of the sculptures are often burnished to create luminescence in order to emphasize shape or detail. Other surfaces remain matte and are painted flat black to provide contrast and to stress the drawn line element. The work is free standing, suspended from overhead or wall mounted in such a way as to allow light to cast dramatic shadows on walls and opposing surfaces. Light also plays an important part in maximizing the effects of the burnished metal surfaces.


“As a sculptor, light, shadow and the power of a single line have always fascinated me. The figure, in particular the female form, has been a lifelong pursuit in my work. Even when I have made a conscientious effort to depart from the figure, I have always returned to it for inspiration, challenge and the dynamism that it offers. Drawing inspiration from impressions in mass media and popular culture, I appropriate images - in part or in whole - and translate them into life-size sculptures which shed solidity while retaining the essence of form and sculptural quality.


Buckner is a professor emeritus of Pierce College, Tacoma, Washington and has taught sculpture on the collegiate level in Washington, Pennsylvania and New York for over 25 years. The artist holds a BA in art education from Seattle University, a BFA in painting and sculpture and MFA in sculpture from the University of Washington where he studied with George Tsutakawa. He also furthered his post-graduate degree by studying painting with Larry Rivers. Buckner is credited with establishing over five casting foundries and continues consulting on the design of such facilities. He currently lives in Southampton, NY and works full-time in his studio.





Studied under Larry Rivers

Graduate Research/Painting University of Oregon

MFA/Sculpture, University of Washington

BFA/Painting and Sculpture, University of Washington

BA/Art Education, Seattle University





Academic Experience


Professor Emeritus, Pierce College, WA

Visiting Professor, Keystone Junior College, PA

Adjunct Instructor, Marywood College, PA

Adjunct Professor of Fine Arts, Long Island University, NY

Assistant Professor of  Fine Arts,

Southwestern Oregon Community College, OR                                   

Art Department Chairperson, Shoreline High School, WA